'Monza' - Atrium
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'Monza' - Atrium

  • Year: 2018
  • Area: 260
  • Location: Kikinda, Serbia
  • Intervention: Conceptual & Main project, furnishing
  • Phase: Completed
Café bar Monza lies in the open and airy atrium in Vojvodina, blended with the recently constructed bar,
which is the product of our work and imagination, as well.
Our idea was to design a garden which would become an oasis of peace and comfort during hot summer
days. We are proud to say that, once again, we’ve achieved our goal. Inspired by the enchanting
Mediterranean region, Monza Atrium is just the perfect place to leave all the troubles behind.
To bring this concept to life, we’ve chosen only bright, earth tone colors together with authentic
materials dating back to the beginning of the 20 th century, including one-hundred-year old bricks and
antique wood used for the outside bar. Blind walls are also decorated with vintage, restored jalousie
shutters from the Austro-Hungarian period in beautiful turquoise color which, combined with various
Mediterranean plants and flowers, gives you the feeling of being somewhere close to the seaside.
During the process, we were careful to preserve the remainders from the 19 th century wherever