'DI VINO' Wine Bar
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'DI VINO' Wine Bar

  • Year: 2020
  • Area: 80
  • Location: Pozarevac, Serbia
  • Intervention: Conceptual and Main Project
  • Phase: Completed

Interior of a wine aperitif bar of a local producer of quality wines.

The room is divided into two parts:

The lower floor is designed in a modern rustic style and has a bar, a room for storing and tasting wine, a part with guest tables and a toilet.

The upper floor is designed for seating in a cozy setting and is decorated in a more modern style with an abundance of decorations related to wine, including shelves for exhibition and storage.

The project envisages the use of natural materials in the interior, such as authentic old bricks, brushed and oiled solid oak, steel and brass, while the lighting catches the attention of passers-by through a large window with a view of the pedestrian zone that makes it more pleasant and a comfortable stay for visitors in this restaurant with first class wines, ham and cheese.